New Hampshire Travel Photos by The Traveling Photographer

These New Hampshire travel photos are from two trips to the White Mountains in central New Hampshire. You're going to get a tale of two climates.

Traveling Photographer Inspirational Photo New Hampshire in WinterMt. Willard Trail, New Hampshire - by The Traveling Photographer

Taken only 4 months apart, the images from the two trips show a land of contrasting environments that gives you completely different experiences.

Like many other states in the northeast, New Hampshire's weather changes dramatically between seasons ( and sometime within minutes when you hike to higher elevations).

For 10 years I had been saying

"I gotta get up here and visit in the Summertime."

Finally I made the commitment, blocked off the time, and constructed my list of hiking apparel, camping equipment, food and water supplies, and the needed camera gear to pack in my hiking camera bag.

I chose the first few days of September for favorable weather conditions to shoot my first round of travel photos of New Hampshire.

Unlike the January visits for the last 26 years, everything was green in September!

New Hampshire Travel Photos in September and January

My normal time to visit New Hampshire is the end of January, when the ski slopes are full of snow, and  ice patterns have formed on the lakes and rivers.

The summertime view of Crawfords Notch from the rock terrace at the top of the Mt. Willard trail includes typical warm weather haze. 

Crawford Notch View From Mt. Willard Trail by The Traveling PhotographerCrawford Notch View Mt. Willard Trail The Traveling Photographer August 2015

This was the first time I hiked the Mt. Willard Trail,  a 3.2 mile round-trip hike with about 900 feet of elevation gain.  If you hike on a weekday, after the vacation rush is over, you may only see a small handful of fellow hikers.

Crawford-Notch From Mt. Willard Trail - January 2016 The Traveling PhotographerCrawford-Notch From Mt. Willard Trail - January 2016 The Traveling Photographer

Four months later, I got to hike it again. What a difference! It was a mild day in late January with not a single cloud to be seen.

The Crawford Notch Railroad Depot - Hot and Cold

The Mt. Willard trail head begins behind the Crawford Notch Train depot and museum, exactly on the spot where this photos was taken. You can watch for the trains that actively use this railroad in the summertime. 

Crawford Train Depot New Hampshire - SummerCrawford Train Depot, New Hampshire - Summer

If you visit in the winter, you will have a completely different experience.

Although it's boarded up for winter, the yellow painted depot provides a nice contrast with a clear blue January morning sky.

Crawford Train Depot New Hampshire - WinterCrawford Train Depot New Hampshire - Winter

The Saco in September and in January

You can find campsites up and down the Saco River near Crawfords Notch.  This photo of the rocks in the Saco was taken a few feet from my campsite.

Saco River -Barltett NH - Bruce LovelaceSaco River -Barltett NH - Bruce Lovelace

The campsites are closed in the winter for obvious reasons. The frozen Saco provides a lot of opportunities for you to get creative and take some abstract ice pattern images.

This photo of the Saco was taken behind the Attitash Mountain Resort in bartlett, New Hampshire.

Frozen Saco River - Bartlett NH - Bruce LovelaceFrozen Saco River - Bartlett NH - Bruce Lovelace

Thanks for traveling with me to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Bruce Lovelace

The Traveling Photographer

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