Senior Pictures on Location
For Jersey Girls and Jersey guys

Your senior pictures are very important. You only graduate from high school once and you want to choose the right senior portrait photographer.

Outdoor senior portrait in Pitman NJ
Graduation portrait outside at Glen Lake in Pitman
Senior picture taken at home
Back yard senior picture
Senior portrait tennis player

In the state of New Jersey you're not required to use the school's yearbook photographer. That's the law.

COVID-19: Clients of The Traveling Photography rally appreciate having their portraits taken in and around the safety of their own home by a professional with over 25 years of experience in location photography.

You don't want your graduation portraits to look like the typical school photos with the same studio background as your classmates.

You, where you live, what you like to do, your personality,  are all unique  and your senior pictures should be too.

The Best Place For Your Senior Pictures

Your own home.  It's where you're most comfortable and relaxed. You don't have to travel to have your graduation portraits taken. 

The best part of using The Traveling Photographer as your senior portrait photographer is that you can have your senior session done in the familiar and comfort of your own environment. Call now for more information. 


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Senior portrait brochure

Want some more information about location senior portraits?

Here are the answers to how it all works. Just click here to get a free brochure on senior pictures. Or Call me with any questions: 856-589-6400

Why You Should Use The Traveling Photographer

Senior portrait in tuxedo
Senior picture with dog
Senior boy playing piano
High school senior in black drape

All of your senior portrait photography is done at your location.  Why does this matter?

  1. You are most comfortable there.
  2. You look your best when you're at home.
  3. It's a more personal experience than someone's photo studio.

What Are Your Options For Senior Portraits

Formal pose of Pitman High School senior
Senior portrait at the dance studio
Senior portrait taken in Haddon Heights New Jersey
Senior portrait at Pitman High School

Sample Senior Pictures

You can keep family members happy by posing for the traditional formal senior photos with Cap N Gown, Black Drape, Tuxedo, or Jacket and Tie.

You can go casual and pose in your own yard, at your school, or on the athletic field.

Got somewhere else in mind? Just let me know. It's no problem. Feel free to call me anytime with any questions.  856-589-6400.


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