Business Headshot Photography Near You
(In Southern New Jersey)

You need professional business headshot photography, but where will you find a decent business portrait photographer?

I get it. You don't want to spend a fortune and you can't waste time driving  all over the place looking for the best headshot photographer. You're too busy.

It's hard to take time off during your busy day and travel to a studio to get business portrait taken.  Do you have any other options?

Business headshot in New Jersey
Dentist business headshot
Business headshot in New Jersey

You could try to take them yourself with your cell phone, but let's face it, you may not really get a headshot that makes you look your best.

So how do you avoid all that? That's where the Traveling Photographer can help. Imagine having an experienced photographer come to your place of business, set-up professional lighting, and even a studio background if needed.

What Kind of Headshot Should You Get?

Photographer's headshotPhotographer's Headshot

Whether it's for the company's website or for social media, your headshot says a lot about you, your image, and how you do business. My business headshot shows that I'm a photographer.

An unprofessional portrait makes a bad first impression. As a result, your potential client may move on and select someone else to do business with. You should have your headshot say something about your professionalism.

Need a Headshot Photographer For Your Entire Staff?

You can schedule your business headshots to be done during the day when all your staff is present at your business.

Business headshot in New Jersey
Headshot of staff member
Business headshot in New Jersey
Dentist business headshot

If you need a group photo of all your business staff, you can have it done in the environment of your office. It shows a real work environment that builds trust when someone visits your company website. Consult with your photographer on tips for the best clothing to wear for your corporate headshots.

Office staff business photo

environmental Headshot Photography

Your headshot may not follow the traditional need for standard studio lighting and a blue business background. Some headshot photography should include the appropriate environment as the background.

Outdoor casual business headshotOutdoor Headshots

Headshot of modelModel Headshots

Charity organization headshotCharity Headshots

Just think about it.  First impressions count. The very first impression your potential customer gets when they see your business portrait should send the right message. 

book author Photos

Author's Bio PhotoDr. Mary Gallant
Sociology Author

Are you a writer or an author in need of  a photographer to take your portrait?

You need to use a location photographer who has experience in a wide variety of environments to create an image that says something about your personality.

The name Traveling Photographer reveals the concept. Photography on location, wherever that may be.

Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes With Business Headshots

Here are the 5 worst profile headshot mistakes. Committing any one of these could cost you in the impression you make and the success you deserve in your business activities.

Infographic Worst profile headshot mistakesBusiness Headshot Photography Mistakes
  1. Bad Lighting - Face is shadowed.
  2. Bad Cropping - It should be a headshot, not a 3/4 body shot.
  3. Wrong Clothing - Color is too bright and has distracting emblem.
  4. Poor Expression - Sends the wrong message.
  5. Bad Background - Distracting location.

Are you ready to use a headshot photographer who's going to make your look professional business portrait? Call Bruce Lovelace, The Traveling Photographer, for your business headshot photography. Call 856-589-6400 now.

The Traveling Photographer is a headshot photographer in New Jersey that serves the entire Delaware Valley, including the tri-state area of New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Who Needs Business Headshots




Small Business Owners




People on LinkedIn




Corporate Executives

Any person  who is an executive, works in a business, or owns a small business needs to present a positive image both online and in print. Customers and prospects will form opinions immediately upon seeing photography, no matter where they see it. 

Headshots for Your LinkedIn Profile, Facebook page, or Your Website

Did you know that over 75% of people are more likely to buy from a business that's run by a founder that uses social media? Your social media profile photo is a big part of your social media presence.

If you have an "About Me" or "About Us" page it's one of the very first pages a visitor checks out when visiting your website. 

Business Headshot Photography Tips

  1. Pick the right photographer. This is likely the most important step for you to take. Your photographer will help you decide on the next 4 steps.
  2. Choose the right clothing to wear. It needs to be appropriate for the industry you're involved in.
  3. Be consistent in your use of your headshot. Use the same professional photograph in all the channels you use to promote or represent yourself through.
  4. Choose the right background or location. Keep it simple. The background for your business portrait should not be distracting.
  5. Have your headshot retouched and cropped just right so that you look your absolute best.

Your Best Choice For Headshots In South Jersey

You were probably wondering: "Where can I find a business headshot photographer near me."

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