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UPDATED ON:  February , 2024

The best place for family portrait photography is your own home or other favorite location. Whether it's "down the shore," in front of your fireplace, in the living room, or in the den, use the most comfortable and natural place to have your family portrait taken.  

Family photographed in Ocean City, NJBeach Portrait in Ocean City NJ

Family Portrait Photography Samples

Here are a few of the family portraits taken by The Traveling Photographer. They've all been taken either at home or outdoors inthe South Jersey area.

If you're looking for a home portrait photographer you want to use someone who has experience in creating good lighting in a variety of situations.  A good understanding of family portrait poses is needed to make sure everyone looks their best.

Family Portraits At Home

Having family portraits at home is so much more personal than traveling to a portrait studio for a family portrait. The environment is not only more pleasant and relaxed, but it's also more convenient. 

Family portrait at home in Malvern PennsylvaniaFamily portrait at home in Malvern Pennsylvania

This family has a busy lifestyle with 7 kids in the family. This portrait was taken in the family den. I chose this location  because of the simple background. We adjusted the furniture a little to accommodate the group  and their different heights. 

The next family portrait sample was taken during an in-home photography session of a large extended family.

In-home family portrait photography by The Traveling PhotographerIn-home family portraits photography by The Traveling Photographer

This family portrait was taken in Mullica Hill, NJ.  We wanted a more casual look in this photograph so we posed the group near their fireplace. I used a little "digital photography magic" to enhance the flames in the fireplace.

Portrait of 2 brothers"Just The Boys"

When you're getting your family portrait taken, don't forget to have just the kids photographed too.

Family portrait on Mom, Dad, and three sons at home in the living roomFamily portrait of mother, father, and three sons at home in the living room

This family portrait photography was done in the living room.  I used  a couch and a chair to pose this family of 5. I've know the mom since college and it was fun to see how much her boys have grown since our last visit.

It always has a nice personal feel to it when the home environment can be used as the location for a portrait session. Families don't spend their time in photography studios. They'd rather be home.

Family portrait Sewell, New JerseyFamily portrait taken in Sewell, New Jersey

When young children are photographed at home, we can use a background to lower the pose down where the children may be more comfortable.  Here we used a muslin background to create a studio photography look, even though the portrait was taken at home.

repeat customers

It's such a great pleasure to photograph families once or twice each year and see how the family changes from one portrait session to the next.

location family portrait

Outdoor Family Portraits

This outdoor portrait was taken in Mullica Hill, NJ. I first started photographing this family when the kids were just babies in their first home in South Jersey.

Outdoor family portrait taken in Mullica Hill New Jersey by The Traveling PhotographerOutdoor family portrait taken
in Mullica Hill New Jersey by The Traveling Photographer

It's been a lot of fun to photograph them as they've grown up from being little kids to young adults. This client also had me do senior portrait photography too.

South Jersey Family beach portrait photographyFamily portrait at the Jersey Shore

One of the favorite locations for family portraits is the New Jersey shore. This family was photographed in Ocean City, NJ.  We always shoot right around sunset when the lighting is best.

Sometimes the wind and the sun can be challenging with outdoor portrait photography.

It was a warm day in August when I photographed this family in Cherry Hill, NJ. It was part of a larger group that got together to have a portrait taken for the grandmother for a birthday gift.

Outdoor family portrait of 5 people.Outdoor family portrait of 4 people in Cherry Hill New Jersey

 We found just the perfect spot in the shade with great natural lighting. The late afternoon sun was striking the back of the condominium and provided the perfect direction and intensity of light for this family.

Family portrait Wenonah NJOutdoor Family portrait - Wenonah New Jersey

Taken in the backyard of their South Jersey home, this family wanted a casual pose taken in the wooded environment near the swimming pool.

questions about your family portraits


  1. The early years.  The children are quite young. The traveling photographer has been photographing babies, toddlers, and young children for over 30 years and isn't afraid to act silly to get those natural smiles with the youngest of subjects.
  2. The pre-teen years. It's an interesting period of time,  are a lot of fun and a great time to capture that in-between time of their lives.
  3. Senior portrait time. It's a good idea to get the family photographed before your graduating senior leaves the nest. Take advantage of the opportunity to have the whole family photographed at the same time you have senior pictures taken.
  4. The extended family.  Think about it for a moment. You, your children, and all the grandchildren.  Treasure all the years and all of the experiences you've shared together. This is a legacy portrait to have for sure.


The days of only photographing the stereotypical family of mom, dad, and the kids are over.  Fortunately, we all know that families can be made up of a variety of people.

Family portrait example

Whether your family is made up of a single parent, two dads or two moms, or a "brady bunch" of combined families, be rest assured that the Traveling Photographer would love to photograph your family.


You can live in a home that, by design, honors the family. Your home promotes the family as the single most important thing in life to cherish above all else. It only makes sense to display an heirloom portrait to hone the family. 

Family heirloom portraitFamily Heirloom

Hanging family heirloom portraitFamily Heirloom

Bruce Lovelace, The Traveling Photographer is a location family portrait photographer, based in Pitman, in Gloucester County, NJ.  Bruce has a van to travel with and carry whatever photography equipment he needs, depending on the situation. 

Contact the Traveling Photographer now:  856-589-6400.

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