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PUBLISHED ON:  December 8, 2023

Welcome to the gallery of Cooper River Park Photos. This a collection of images from talented South Jersey Photographer Michal Sutton. Cooper River Park in Camden County, New Jersey offers a wonderful variety of subjects to photograph.

Colorful Fall scene at Cooper River ParkColorful Fall scene at Cooper River Park

Cooper River Park offers photographers like  you to shoot there at any time of year. Of course Fall is apopular time of year for photography when the leaves are ablaze with color.

Sunrise and sunset are both good times to look for silhouette photos of the many boaters who are out on the river enjoying the water.

Cooper River Sunrise BoaterCooper River Sunrise Boater

Todays digital cameras, including cell phone cameras, combined with powerful and easy-to-use software gives you unlimited abilities to create beautiful effects in your photographs.

Summer morning on Cooper River ParkSummer morning on Cooper River Park

A comparison of the next two photos of Cooper River Park gives you a great example of why it's a great idea to photograph the same location at different times of the year. In the photo below the trees are in full green lushness and the sky is a deep blue.

Cooper River Park reflection in The SummerCooper River Park reflection in The Summer

Contrast the summertime photo above with the Fall scene below. One of the fascinating aspects of the photograph is how some trees are completely void of the leaves while the other trees are still fully covered with colorful leaves.

Spectacular Fall ColorsSpectacular Fall Colors

The photo below has a completely different feel to it. The dark clouds at the top and choppy surface of the water down low give it a stormy feel. The other element that works so well in this image is the warm yellowish colors of the boat house that are sandwiched between and color contrasted from the blueish colors of the water and the sky.

HDR Cooper River ParkHigh Dynamic Photo of Cooper River Park Boathouse

You can use High Dynamic Range Photography to create dramatic look to your photos especially under dimly lit lighting conditions like dawn and dusk.

Lighting is so important in photography and when shooting photos outdoors it take patience and persistence  to get the right timing for interesting images.

Cooper River Park morningCooper River Park morning

Fall leavesFall leaves

The two photos above are great examples of situations where it's a good ideal to compose your photo in a vertical orientation.

Cooper River Park is just one photo hotspot of many in the "Garden State. Here's a helpful list of other New Jersey Photography Locations.

Mirror reflection of clouds at Cooper River ParkMirror reflection of clouds at Cooper River Park

The strong diagonal lines and symmetry make the photo above a striking composition with the center of interest being a gorgeous photo that has the sun as the focal point.

Look for composing your photos with framing elements included at one or more of the edges of your photograph. The doorway to the outside world frame sin the lushness of the trees and the pretty blue water.

Boathouse doorway"Boathouse Opening to Paradise"

The best way to get spectacular photos of sunrises and sunsets is to simply show up and be prepared by having your camera with you. Michael Sutton frequents the Cooper River Park area a lot and practices the craft of photography with great enthusiasm. That results in getting a lot of stunning photos.

Blazing colorful skiesBlazingly colorful skies

Don't forget to think outside the box when shooting your photos. Shooting black and white photography creates a completely different feel to the emotional response you get when viewing a photo.

Using selective focus is a great way to emphasize the main subject in your image.

Cooper River Park bird in black and whiteCooper River Park in Black and White

I hope you enjoyed this collection of fantastic photos of Copper River Park in New Jersey, contributed by Michael Sutton. Be sure to visit the other good photography locations in New Jersey.

It's a great time to be interested in photography!

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