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Looking for location portrait photography?  Thanks for coming to visit!

The Traveling Photographer's home is in Pitman New Jersey.

For more information, call Bruce Lovelace directly. You can discuss your location photoshoot ideas.

Tell him what kind of portrait photography you're interested and what your time frame is.  

You get the ultimate in convenience for portrait photography when you use Bruce, The Traveling Photographer.

  • Have your portraits taken at home.
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Nothing But Location Portrait Photography

No, you don't have to drive to someone else's studio anymore. You don't have to wait in the line at the mall either or wonder about who was visiting before you.

There are plenty of places for photo shoots near you. You may not think of your home as the ideal location for a shoot. With Bruce, you get an experienced photographer who knows how to effectively find just the right spot and make the background look just right.

Serving the Delaware Valley, particularly creating portraits in Gloucester County, Camden County, and Burlington County , New Jersey.

Local portrait photography on location since 1992.
Photography by Bruce Lovelace.

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Location Portrait Samples

There are plenty of places for photo shoots near you if you feel reluctant to use your own home environment for a portrait session. There are even apps for your phone that will help you find places to take professional pictures.

senior portrait location Pitman NJSenior Portrait. Location: Front yard in Pitman, NJ.

Having a lot of experience in know when and where to find good natural lighting is important. Sometimes the untrained eye won't know the best time of day for a certain location or the right angle to choose to get a good background for a portrait.

Location portrait Assisted living homeElderly couple photographed at their assisted living home

In certain situations with location photography, a simple background, like the wall of an apartment can be the best spot for a photo. Add in just a little bit of retouching and you've got a portrait that really means a lot to the people involved.

Location portrait Haddonfield New JerseyPortrait of the kids. Location: Grandparents side yard, Haddonfield, NJ.

You wouldn't think of a woodpile as a great spot for a group photo, but if it's posed just right and the lighting is good, it makes a great location for a pose of the family. 

In-home Formal PortraitsGraduating Twins, Sewell, Gloucester County Institute of Technology, New jersey

In some situations, you're going to want formal portraits taken. In this case any room inside your home can be suitable as a location for portrait photography.

The Traveling Photographer has studio equipment specifically made for location photography. You can get the classic look of professionally lit portraiture in the comfort of your own home.

Beach location family portraitLocation: Asbury avenue, Ocean City, New Jersey

The Jersey shore is one of the most popular spots for location portrait photography in the South Jersey and Delaware Valley areas. There are plenty of good areas up and down the coast for great photographs to be taken.


Corporate Photography on LocationCorporate photography in Philadelphia, PA.

The Traveling photographer also does corporate photography on location too. Much more affordable than hiring a full time commercial photographer, you can get a combination of formal head shots, groups shots, and candids for a reasonable rate.