1st Holy Communion Photographer
Communion Photos at Home

If you are looking for a holy communion photographer near Gloucester County, New Jersey, The Traveling Photographer does communion photos on location.

You can have your child professionally photographed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  

Holy communion portrait in Shamong, New JerseyHoly communion portrait in Shamong, New Jersey

We can find just the right spot in your home to create a memorable holy communion photograph. Naturally looking lighting always looks best.

Bruce, The Traveling Photographer has over 20 years of experience in creating natural looking portraits. Together we can find just the right spot.

Communion photography in Southern New JerseyCommunion Photography in Southern New Jersey

Traveling Photographer clients usually like to have formal communion photos taken as well as the casual poses.

We can set up a portable studio background and lights in your home to get the same exact results that you'd get if you had to undergo a drive to the local studio.

Woodbury New Jersey First Holy Communion PortraitWoodbury New Jersey First Holy Communion Portrait

Your own home is simply the best location for your child to feel relaxed during his or her portrait session.

Location Communion Photographer

You can have your holy communion photography session at another location like your church or a nearby park.

Church photos are usually taken at a time during the week when the church has availability.

Communion Portrait at ChurchCommunion Portrait at Church, Woodbury NJ

Outdoor Communion Photos

You can capture the nature beauty of the outdoor world and combine it with the grace of your child. Clients are sometimes concerned that their yard isn't in the best condition for a photo.

Bruce has a lot of experience in finding the right spot, shooting in the best direction, using the best lens, and controlling the background.

Outdoor Communion PhotoOutdoor Communion Photo

Family Portraits at Holy Communions

Many of the Traveling Photographer's clients have family portraits taken at the same time, including the immediate family as well as the grandparents.

Family portrait at Holy CommunionFamily portrait at Holy Communion

Call Bruce, The Traveling Photographer today for more information.


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