Newborn Family Portrait Photography

Although I spent the first 9 years of my portrait photography career concentrating on photographing babies, I'm not exclusively a newborn family portrait photographer. 

portrait of newborn with bow tie

Opportunities to photograph people of all ages sprung from those early years of working for an in-home baby portrait company before I started The Traveling Photographer. Now I photograph more high school seniors and families than I do babies.

With that said it's always a pleasure when I get the chance to photograph a newborn baby. Not only is it an exciting time for the new parents, but it's also a joyous time for the grandparents, too.

Newborn Family Portrait With Grandparents

newborn and grandparents

Typically with a newborn family portrait session we'll take a variety of different poses and this particular session was no different.  We started with a large group photo of all 10 people present.

After that we, photographed the twp smaller families, just the grandkids, both sets of grandparent with their families and singles of the baby as well.

newborn family portrait

Depending on the amount of room available and the number of people included, sometimes we find a good spot in the home without using one of The Traveling Photographer's studio backgrounds.

All in all, it was a great newborn family portrait session and we captured some great memories for everyone to enjoy for years to come. Feel free to call if you have any questions about having a newborn family portrait taken.